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Youth Alive: Phenomena – Good album…. did I hear Guy Sebastian somewhere…?

Posted in Songs on October 5, 2006 by subzapz

Youth Alive: Phenomena

Track Listing:
1. Live 4 U
2. Praise Him
3. Phenomena
4. Doin’ It God’s Way
5. It’s All About Jesus
6. Clouds of Praise
7. Jesus in You
8. Have Your Way
9. Redemptions Day
10. Everything I Need
11. You Are the One
12. No Right

Awesome album which i had the privilege of listening to. Never really knew where some of these songs that I’ve sung in church came from till now. All thanks to Alicia for bringing it to my attention.

Songs 5 & 8 especially….

Lyrics for Song 8:

It’s a song of spiritual abandonment to God. Can I really abandon myself to Jesus the way the songs represents? Really powerful words to go with a very musically well-arranged song. Listen to the original song from the album and you’ll know what I mean. It’s draws out all of our senses in worship when we focus upon it.

Have Your Way

Lead me each day Lord closer to You
I give all I am to You
Hold me each day Lord close to Your heart
I lay down my plans to follow You
I wanna take up my cross
I wanna lay down my dreams to follow after You

Have Your way in my life
Holy Spirit have Your way
Do what You need to
Day by day walk with You
Father let Your will be done, in my heart

You said my steps would be ordered if I walk in Your way
Lead me, Lead me
So lead me on the path to righteous
Come and have Your way in my life


Attitude of abundance

Posted in chats with God on October 3, 2006 by subzapz

Just the other day, while I was doing my devotional with God, I noticed in some reading material about giving and growing. Well, most what I’m gonna write here will be based on what the Lord spoke to me.

I was once a person who said “You can’t make money with a little bit of money only. So dowan to invest lah. Not enough to cover my expenses weh! Credit cards, buy house, buy insurance, buy this and that….”. Then I was reminded on the parable of the talents where what is entrusted to you, you should multiply it.

Actually, there are a gazillion ways to make the smallest amount of money grow. It’s whether we put in the sacrifice and effort to research into that. Ask around, check out the internet,read books, blah blah blah! Sure got wan!

I’ve personally developed some kind of an attraction to risk. Not that I will invest all my energy and resource into it, but I’ve seen that if an endevour is not a sin or something shady, and carries with it an element of risk, and there are multiple times of returns to it when it grows, I’ll usually do more than just sit on it. But, it has to cross my path first lah.

The attitude of abundance, I think also applies to our relationship with Christ. In tithing, ministry, following up with new believers, etc etc etc, has its practical roots too in this principle. Family, friends and a lot more other areas also lah.

There are so many verses of scripture than I’ve come across (I wont put them here as yet) pertaining to this. ALL of it quite clear to the understanding of us all.

So the question is, do we have an attitude of scarcity or abundance?

wah liao!

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Setting up a blog is easy. But getting down to writing one can be quite a headache. Iit’s priorities lah.

Sometimes, I know just what I want to post, but then, when you’re in front of the com, something will tell me that it’s not suppose to ‘look’ like that lah etc.

Hope this will be a brand new start. Change new wineskins! Change to new clothes!

Been at work at CGX for 3 months now. Really tough! Espescially the new terminology and paceof work. But, but, but, but,but, something else has been opening my mind at work…. YES, more work! But relatable to ministry, or an expansion of it. More on the AV ministry. Or what I’m visuallizing right now, the Multimedia Ministry. And those serving in it will be called Media Ministers. Sounds a bit cheesy though. Haha! Will talk to Danny more lah.