wah liao!

Setting up a blog is easy. But getting down to writing one can be quite a headache. Iit’s priorities lah.

Sometimes, I know just what I want to post, but then, when you’re in front of the com, something will tell me that it’s not suppose to ‘look’ like that lah etc.

Hope this will be a brand new start. Change new wineskins! Change to new clothes!

Been at work at CGX for 3 months now. Really tough! Espescially the new terminology and paceof work. But, but, but, but,but, something else has been opening my mind at work…. YES, more work! But relatable to ministry, or an expansion of it. More on the AV ministry. Or what I’m visuallizing right now, the Multimedia Ministry. And those serving in it will be called Media Ministers. Sounds a bit cheesy though. Haha! Will talk to Danny more lah.


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