Youth Alive: Phenomena – Good album…. did I hear Guy Sebastian somewhere…?

Youth Alive: Phenomena

Track Listing:
1. Live 4 U
2. Praise Him
3. Phenomena
4. Doiní It Godís Way
5. Itís All About Jesus
6. Clouds of Praise
7. Jesus in You
8. Have Your Way
9. Redemptions Day
10. Everything I Need
11. You Are the One
12. No Right

Awesome album which i had the privilege of listening to. Never really knew where some of these songs that I’ve sung in church came from till now. All thanks to Alicia for bringing it to my attention.

Songs 5 & 8 especially….

Lyrics for Song 8:

It’s a song of spiritual abandonment to God. Can I really abandon myself to Jesus the way the songs represents? Really powerful words to go with a very musically well-arranged song. Listen to the original song from the album and you’ll know what I mean. It’s draws out all of our senses in worship when we focus upon it.

Have Your Way

Lead me each day Lord closer to You
I give all I am to You
Hold me each day Lord close to Your heart
I lay down my plans to follow You
I wanna take up my cross
I wanna lay down my dreams to follow after You

Have Your way in my life
Holy Spirit have Your way
Do what You need to
Day by day walk with You
Father let Your will be done, in my heart

You said my steps would be ordered if I walk in Your way
Lead me, Lead me
So lead me on the path to righteous
Come and have Your way in my life


3 Responses to “Youth Alive: Phenomena – Good album…. did I hear Guy Sebastian somewhere…?”

  1. Song no.10 is also awesome.

    Phenomena is such an oldie but with such sweet music and lyrics and anointing.

    When we re-did EVERYTHING I NEED recently this year, it became a Hit again. Even last Saturday Stevie was leading with this song. Cool huh?

  2. onesummerlove Says:

    I lovee song 8! Anyone has it? Please send it to me if you have it, I can’t find it anywhere!

  3. very nice song! i’m blessed in listening in those songs and even more blessed in singing song no. 8.. indeed, GOD’s presence is felt through His Spirit that dwells in us!

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