Well…..close enough lah.

The Hari Raya Hols were quite good for Alicia and I. Left at 2am without much problems with traffic. Other people left in daylight and experienced 1-2 hours delay i their normal journey.

Went to Desaru (pic of Alicia and I) with family and the Lims and Uncle Vincent and Uncle See Tiong and Aunt Janice.

The first thing we headed was the golf course! Sweet!! Not the best kept, but pleasant, nevertheless. No need handicap and they are flexible with the rules (imagine the buggy all over the course). Monkeys (real ones lah) EVERYWHERE!! It’s nice to swing to the beat of the waves beating the shores. Macam Pebble Beach man! Uncle Victor and Uncle See Tiong were quite good, I must say.Never saw them in action before…. Dad was….. errr….. good too.

I suppose that once you’ve played on the course, then you’ll understand why golfers like…. golf. It’s entirely different from the driving range. The dynamics of your swing has to adapt to the environment you AND your ball is in.

So many things to think about lah….. some may say. But if you take it in perspective of whatever you are doing, be it your studies, job, hobbies etc, one may notice that all things are technical. It’s whether you like it or grow to like it. It’s not for everyone, but you’ll never know till you give it a go.

Makan was FANTASTIC.

Dinner in Sg Rengit on our first nite. A fishing town with its roads narrower than the eye of a needle. Craziest thing was that as ulu as this place is, the seafood restaurant was packed with Singaporeans. They know our food better than us lah. Another thing was that we saw the most beautifully crafted structure with people living in it. Something even Andy Chong may be impressed in. The challenge I thought was not just the design of he house but the demographics surrounding it. I mean, hellooo….. you’ve a massive 4-storey structure with a minimalistic design with a small see-thru swimming pool from the 4th floor and a Bkt Bintang-style canopy in the surroundings of simple fishermen and small-time traders. FUAH! I mean FUUUAAAHHH! Can give Datuk Zakaria (former Klang municipal councilor) a run for his money lah.

Lunch the following day was good too. We all went to Teluk Sengat for…. ten-ten-ten….. seafood [1 monopoly buck for correct guess]. Nearby was a croc farm…… heard a story behind this place from Uncle Victor….

Once upon a time, in a land filled with terrors untold and hardships unnumbered, Kong Kong came as the main contractor to build a roadway into Teluk Sengat. Where once accessible only through the waterways, my grandpa got stuck in the jungles for 3 days because of a flood and freaked him out coz it was well known at the time that the jungles were crawling with tigers and crocs from the mangroves. [a little paraphrased].


Alicia had a gala time in Holiday Plaza during our stay in JB…. Not gonna mention why….. you ask her if you have the chance lah. 😛

Well, nothing beats spending time with your loved ones and laughing with them and, of course Dad, …… golfing with them. [love his fashion sense lah…]


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