Apple iPhone buzzzzbzzzz

Thereís lots of talk in the market nowadays about Appleís new product (If* talks about it, itís serious!). Iíve heard and seen some prototypes since more than a year ago. Not sure whether itís gonna be a feature-rich or functional one. Nevertheless, itís gonna be a good phone. Hope that itís earphone jack is more universal than the Nokia ones (Iím a Nokia user, btw).



My favorite iPhone design comes with a QUERTY keypad. Check out the pic below.

You can also follow the designs till itís full release at this blog.



* One of the many websites I follow to monitor US market and economic progress.



One Response to “Apple iPhone buzzzzbzzzz”

  1. you seem to like those electronics with that kind of a keypad. QUERTY as you call it…don’t know what it stands for though. hahahaha!

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