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Fast and Furious Hokkien Drift

Posted in bizzarre, Songs on December 4, 2006 by subzapz

This is absolutely funny Hokkien stuff!!!!


Hokkien Lyrics

English Translation

(without the eloquence)

Hokkien Part One:

Hwa cia lee si gway soh
Si zai ho qit toe

U lang ai speeding
U lang de ban ban soh

U lang jit chiew hwa cia
Jit chiew de girlfriend poh

U lang kwa cha bor
Di long tio lao ah poh

Hokkien Part Two:

Ang teng ci teng kua buay cheng cho
Xiong gway tio chut cia hor

Lim jew hwa cia de long tio lang
See lee yee sheng a tua cho

Pager nah hiang tio ai lun
Ah handphone tio san ban

Ai jit CBD tio buay twa
Bus-stand lee tio zai siam

Hokkien Part Three:

Hwa cia lee si gway soh
Mm si hor qit toe

Na lee boh suay lee
Liam mi tio u lang toe

Hwa cia si gway soh
Cen ban mai qit toe

Na li ai ti kee (heh heh)
Licence tio ga lee koh

Chinese (hanyu pin yin) Last Part:

Ren shuo ma lu ru hu kou ah
Jiao tong gui ze ni yao zun shou
Hong deng ting lai lu deng zou ah
Huang deng yi liang jiu bie cai you
Ning ke chi dao ji fen zhong ah
Ye bu yao ji zhe ba ming song

English Part One:

Driving your car aimlessly around the streets
Is really fun

Some like speeding
Some will crawl slowly

Some one hand drive
Another hand hold girlfriend

Some watch girls
And knock down old man

English Part Two:

Red Light Green Light don’t see properly
Car accident easiet to happen

Drink and drive and knock down somebody
That is the biggest mistake of your life

If pager go off must restrain
Handphone will get summon

Enter CBD must buy ticket
Bus-stands must know to avoid

English Part Three:

Driving your car aimlessly around the streets
Is not fun

If you are not careful
Anyhow also will have people fall

Driving your car aimlessly around the streets
Do not anyhow play

If you are still stubborn (iron teeth) heh heh
Licence will be detained

English Last Part:

People Say Road Is Like Tiger Mouth
Traffic rules you must obey
Red light stop Green Light go
Amber light don’t step on accelerator
Rather be late for few minutes
And Don’t rush to give away your life


Mentos & Cola

Posted in bizzarre on November 9, 2006 by subzapz

Wah Liao!!!

This is so bizarre! Apparently, the 2 don’t mix.. Check out the YouTube and the related clips. There’s one that shows a guy gulping down 2 litres and followed with mentos. The joker had a system overhaul man!!! Come out from both ends! I’m not gonna put the clip url here. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll find it. If not, ….errr….it’s still ok.

Just know that Mentos and Cola (or any soft drinks) DON’T MIX!!!