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Apple iPhone revealed officially today!!!!!

Posted in Apple, iPhone, tech, technology on January 10, 2007 by subzapz

This is truly awesome stuff!!!

The new design didnít really catch my eye initially when I first glimpsed it at the website. But after going through itís features and technology, I was totally blown away!

Some of the key features that impressed me MUCH:

1. Instead of a keypad lock function like Nokiaís, this one has a slide function on the screen to unlock.

2. Itís an iPOD, phone, browser and much more.

3. Itís got an advanced sensor technology. When viewing a display in portrait or landscape, the screen automatically adjusts without us pressing any functions. COOL or what??!!!! Also, when a call comes in, it automatically reduces the brightness when you bring it to your ear. It brightens up when you need to access something while your call is still on. FUAH!!!!!

4. Music and video in a phone. 4Gb space on board, at the very least.

5. Multi-tasking ability on OS X.

6. Fully touch-screen.

7. WiFi capabilities.


What I donít like about it:

1. 2 Megapixels camera only.

2. No known support for more business functionality (maybe coz itís just released). Letís see how itíll progress in the near future.



See the effects of the new iPhone announcement on Appleís stock:

aapl stock†chart




Do check out or even for more details.